Donate lemons



Embrace your inner lemon.  Pick lemons from your tree, your neighbour's tree, your nanna's tree and even that spooky haunted house's tree, and roll them our way.

Go on. Ding-dong the door bells of lemon tree owners & tell them about us. Friends for keeps, for sure.

Drop lemons in the box located at the front of The Lemonade Stand Shop- 24 hours a day. Plonk away!

The address is 16 Devon Rd, Pascoe Vale (its the shop behind a big, beautiful tree next to the bottle shop).

We 'squeeze and freeze', so as the lemons are plonked in the donation box, Dot and April Flowers squeeze them and pop the lemon juice in the freezer - ready to make cordial using a secret recipe a few days out from open day. Nifty hey?


Donate to the Shop



Life is busy. Some folks just can't get to us on shop open days. That's OK. We've had people generously make cash donations via PayPal during the lemonade cordial drinking season. With those donations we bought an electric lemon squeezer, straws, sugar, lemons, plastic cups and some lovely glasses from a country op shop.

If this is something you might like to do, email us and say hi! -


Donate to ASRC


By-pass us and go straight to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. You can give a one off donation or give a recurring donation. The ASRC provides 40,000 hot daily lunches daily to keep people healthy; provide groceries to 200 families per week to ensure no one goes hungry and assists people to find employment. And they do lots of other amazing advocacy work. They are the bees knees.

Discover your donation options and read more about the ASRC -


Donate pads from the Tsuno Store


Like the ASRC, The Lemonade Stand Shop are big fans of the Melbourne business, Tsuno. Tsuno make bamboo sanitary pads and donate 50 per cent of their profits to charities empowering women in the developing world. You can set up a one off pad donation ($6.80) to the ASRC or a reoccurring monthly donation. That's double the help to people who need it. Money well spent.

Donate Tsuno pads to ASCRC


Donate toilet paper from Who Gives a Crap


This toilet paper is great for your bum and great for the world. Who Gives A Crap - the toilet paper making business - gives 50 per cent of its profits to Water Aid.  Water Aid work to improve sanitation and build toilets in the developing world. Who Gives A Crap are also doing great stuff with the ASRC, making sure that every newly arrived refugee gets toilet paper. 

You can donate a box of toilet paper to the ASRC.